Silver vermiculite

The exfoliated vermiculite is also used in the construction industries today and has wide applications, one of them being used as an additive to fireproof wallboard. It is a lightweight aggregate for plaster,fire stop mortar and cementations spray fireproofing, proprietary concrete compounds, . It is also used as a component of the interior fill for fire stop pillows, along with graphite. It is a light – weight isolative concrete and can also be used in ground swimming pools to provide a smooth pool base.



Element Percent by Weight
SiO2 38-46
AL2O3 10-16
MgO 16-35
CaO 1-5
K2O 1-6
Fe2O3 6-13
TiO2 1-3
H2O 8-16
Other 0.2-1.2