We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Almix which is offered by us and is also used in meeting the processing demands of steel and ensures that the process does not lead to harmful reversion of P, S and other unwanted oxides.

ALMIX Acts as slag conditioner, Almix also helps in adjusting slag composition in a way that it interacts in a balanced way with steel, thus ensuring in it proper equilibrium. Further, Almix usage in the process also helps in absorbing inclusions as well as impurities, thus helping in producing a cleaner as well as better quality steel.

Instead of buying high price premade Slag killer (USD800/MT), steel mills should use our slag killer. Slag killer is the combination of AL203+CaO+SiO2. Therefore, Steel mills just need to add Cao(limestone) to our Slag killer (Al2O3+SiO2). Price of our Slag killer is only half of the premade Slag killer