About Guru Corporation

We are the leading Manufacturer & Exporter of all type of Fluxes,Coke, Chemicals for steel manufacturers. The Group was established in the year 2006 and has a successful record of accomplishment for the past 10 years.

Guru Metachem with its head-office and plant at Ahmedabad , INDIA, is capable of producing tailor-made refractories at par with international standards to suit specific applications of different Industries verticals such as Steel, Cement, Glass, Coke Oven, Sponge Iron, Re-rolling mills, Petrochemical, Ferrous and Non-ferrous industries, Chemical and Incinerators etc.

Guru Metachem products line increased capacity and modernization, Guru Metachem Refractories is able to serve its customers with progressively updated technology — delivering consistently high quality products.

Our Vision

We wish to be number one exports company from India. our vision for next decade is to expand our reach in terms of geographies we serve, as we will be are committed to increase the services & products  range that we offer.

We visualize Guru Corporation  to be the among the top most names in the manufacturing and export industry.


Our mission is to cater every industry and department with our products and services, we are keen towards increasing the our products range and their production capacity.

we always strive to make quality as our best policy and have made this a mission of our company to produce world class quality products.



M/S.GURU CORPORATION, a well reputed Manufacturer and Exporter of Refractory Fluxes, Construction Products, Oil Drilling Products, Paint Industries and Agro Commodities and other related industries from INDIA.

M/S. GURU CORPORATION was established 2008, by MR. RITESH PATEL as a Manufacturer & Exporter of Steel and Refractories Fluxes form INDIA.

Prior to forming GURU CORPORATION, MR. RITESH PATEL gained valuable experience & rigorous training in all aspects of this industries since 1996 to till.

Through MR.RITESH PATEL 18 to 20 years of experience in business and vigorous staff training GURU CORPORATION has developed a talented team of Production, Sales & Marketing who understand the National & International platform and fulfil customer requirement with 100% satisfaction

Throughout the last few years, GURU CORPORATION has developed close relationships with all customers all around INDIA and Abroad.

As our company Name “GURU“ means “Respect , Brihaspati , Master”  Our performance has been among the best in the industry and our clients always happy with our performance. We believe that our success is our reward for striving to maintain our excellent reputation and goodwill through fast services which reflect high quality and integrity.

We guaranteed that we can provide solution of any query or any requirement within 30 min only via email with full details and best rate  that’s our challenge

Accreditation & Awards

Guru Corporation has various certificate and accreditation since its inception to ensure international standardization of our products and the services that we provide to our global clientele.



Infrastructure & Team

We have developed a modernized infrastructure which is constantly upgraded to provide us the competitive advantage. Our objectives to achieve desired levels of operational efficiency are powered by leading manufacturing technology. Further,

We believe in innovation and invest substantial resources in procuring the innovative techniques for processing outstanding grades of refractory products. In addition, our back office premises encompass highly advanced units for R&D, product manufacturing, testing, and distribution that are headed by trained engineers.

The team make an environment in which people are able for taking reasonable risks in communicating, advocating positions, and taking action. Team members trust each other. Team members are not punished for disagreeing.

Research & Development

We believe in innovation and invest substantial resources in procuring the innovative techniques for processing outstanding grades of refractory products and construction products for that we established Laboratory at our plant.We develop product as per customer demand.


Warehouse & Transportation